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About us

Where it all started

Draftec is an independent, privately owned engineering and manufacturing business. Currently owned by Martijn Boone and Martijn Holtkamp, it was founded by the former in 2009. Since then, the company has grown into a specialised system integrator and manufacturer of custom-designed, multi-disciplinary systems and mission equipment for the heavy industries. Draftec has highly developed in-house knowledge in the fields of mechanical design, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and control system software and automation.

Evolving as we needed

In 2016, they moved into a brand new head office and began expanding their production facilities from these new premises.

At Draftec, we have a young and dynamic team that loves a challenge, not only from a technical point of view, but also in terms of planning. By using a direct approach and communication policy both within the company and with our clients and suppliers, we can react to challenges with a great deal of flexibility.

And what now?

In recent years, Draftec has become a significant player in the high-end equipment and system solutions market. To further expand our position, we aim for continued growth within the organisation.

We strive to have returning customers with whom we can build long-term relationships. We also invest in relationships with major suppliers. We aim to be a flexible organisation that operates reliably and with integrity, with customer orientation being of paramount importance and wide-ranging in-house knowledge an essential value.

We are always looking for talented and qualified people!

Are you interested in a job at Draftec? Do you want to make high-end equipment? Or would you like to work in our workshop?
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Draftec is a leading provider of expertise and knowledge in heavy industries, particularly offshore and maritime sectors. They believe in a pro-active and multidisciplinary approach to problem-solving, working together with customers as a team to achieve the best possible results.


With a forward-thinking mindset and market knowledge, Draftec delivers turnkey solutions to clients’ problems.

Made for your needs

Draftec’s extensive experience in offshore mission equipment, handling sensitive packages, and working with a wide range of contractors has made them an excellent partner for projects or customer-specific equipment development.


Their engineers possess the required certificates and are well-trained, allowing them to be deployed quickly for onshore, offshore, heavy lifting, and handling projects.

Heavy lifting and more

In addition to specializing in finding solutions within the offshore industry, Draftec can also manufacture equipment and system integrators for a wide range of other markets, such as cranes, lifting equipment, hoisting systems, electric and hydraulic winches, offshore survey tools, and moonpool systems.


Draftec has grown significantly in the engineering and manufacturing of heavy lifting and hoisting applications and other industrial handling equipment, making them the official partner in the establishment of SCALDON Cranes since 2016. Overall, Draftec’s team-player attitude, extensive knowledge, and commitment to customer service make them a trusted partner for any heavy industry project.r further assistance.

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