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Hydraulic power units

Power to your systems

To power our offshore cranes and lifting equipment efficiently, we design and build all kinds of Hydraulic Power Units. These can be tailored to the requirements of your specific situation and, if desired, can be made fully weatherproof and watertight.

Our HPU range varies from HPU’s built into the crane pedestal, to standalone diesel-powered HPU’s for use in ATEX zones. In the design and construction of our HPU’s, we rely on the best hydraulic components currently available on the market, striving for the safest possible operation and maintenance-free reliability. Draftec also specialises in low-noise HPU’s that are fully equipped with sound-dampening equipment.

As you would expect, we design the HPU’s to be easy to maintain so all the principal components are easily accessible.
We also offer the option of monitoring the status of the HPU via an HMI screen, which checks all the vital functions and operational conditions in the HPU.

The HPU’s are equipped with a custom-made hydraulic tank with all the provisions necessary for guaranteeing the quality of the oil for as long as possible, such as heating, offline filtration, moisture separators, etc.

Varying in size from a protective box frame to a 20ft containerised Hydraulic Power Unit, we build them from 10 to 20ft, and we can also build them from 10 to 1000l/min.

Choosing a built-in or standalone industrial hydraulic power unit

The most important consideration when purchasing an industrial Hydraulic Power Unit is whether to opt for a standalone concept or an integrated system. At Draftec, we can provide you with both. An integrated power unit can be built into either a new or an existing vessel. If your requirements are very specific, we can even build you a custom-made unit. Our engineers will then design equipment that meets both the classification requirements and your wishes and requirements.

High-quality components and reliable equipment

We only use components of the highest quality in the construction of our equipment. In this way, we maximise the safety and reliability of the system and minimise maintenance and repair requirements. However, should your industrial Hydraulic Power Pack unit indeed require maintenance, you can rely on our engineers 24/7 for global support and assistance. We can then revive the existing system for you or add new technology to ensure trouble-free operation for many years to come. This applies to more equipment than just our industrial Hydraulic Power Pack, such as our Hydraulic Pump Skids.

One company to turn to for new machines and assistance

At Draftec, the processes of building, testing and maintenance are all carried out by one company. This is an efficient solution for you, because it means you only need to turn to  one specialist for assistance. Moreover, our engineers can offer you extremely effective assistance thanks to their extensive knowledge of our equipment. If your equipment needs maintenance or repair, we have the parts to repair it. If you would like us to install a Hydraulic Power Pack for industrial purposes, or you need us for any of our other services, please contact us by calling +31(0)85 4018770 or send an e-mail to

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