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Over the years, the engineers from Draftec have taken on the role as industrial system integrators for many different projects for the heavy industries. Because of this, they are able to assist you in the successful completion of your offshore, maritime or petrochemical project. They are highly disciplined in a variety of fields and use this multidisciplinary knowledge to tie the many different ends of your project together. Whether you are constructing a new windmill park or conducting hydraulic surveys, you can count on our worldwide high-quality services.

Draftec industrial equipment

Industrial system integrators that tie the ends of your project together

Our engineers can do more for you than acting as industrial system integrators alone. We are also there ​ to perform any maintenance or repair action needed from minor repairs up to complete refurbishment of equipment. We know the equipment we deliver especially well and are able to revive your system. Should you want us to, we can even add new technology to the system which ensures its reliability for many years to come. With our engineers and equipment at your disposal, your project will run smoothly and efficiently. As industrial system integrators, we do everything in our power to run the safest and most efficient operation possible.

Count on us for both project management and equipment supply

As project managers, our industrial system integrators will take over as much or as little of your project as you want them to. The services we provide you with are all up to you. Should you need new equipment for your project, you can also rely on us. For instance, we produce a variety of winches, cranes, and A-frames which are all of exceptional quality. They are available with a variety of specifications, such as with active or passive heave compensation, and we can both deliver standard and bespoke solutions.

Learn more about the possibilities for your project

Do you need our industrial system integrators to bring the many components of your project into a well-functioning process? Contact us by calling +31(0)85 4018770 or sending an email to info@draftec.nl. You can also reach us through these channels should you need more information about the services and equipment we provide.

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