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Draftec designs, builds and installs the cable laying equipment for windmills at sea. A good example of this was the deck equipment for the Living Stone, Nexus and Ndurance. On this vessels, Draftec has provided cable laying equipment on the seabed, for example winches, roller tracks, steelwork and technical automation.

Marine & Dredging

  • Marine
    Draftec regularly carries out work on vessels.
    This can include new installations, maintenance, repairs and overhauls.
  • Dredging
    Draftec supplies all sorts of equipment for the dredging industry, like valve actuators, winches etc.

Heavy Lifting & Industrial Machine

  • Heavy Lifting
    Draftec designs, builds and installs heavy lifting systems. For this market, Draftec often works closely together with partner SCALDON. They are specialized in manufacturing and servicing of lifting equipment.
  • Industrial Machine
    Draftec makes various industrial machines, from modest dimensions and very accurate, to heavy machinery.


Draftec designs, builds and installs the drives for moving parts of bridges and other civil structures.