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At Draftec, we offer , design, engineering and manufacturing hydraulic, electrical and mechanical solutions to companies in various industries. We are specialized in engineering for companies in the maritime, subsea and offshore sector. Our goal is to grow further in heavy lifting applications and further civil and industrial fields. We offer our subsea and marine engineering to different companies in a variety of markets.

Offshore and onshore energy, wind and tidal

Draftec designs, builds and installs the cable laying equipment and installation equipment for windmills at sea with our offshore wind engineering. A good example of offshore wind engineering, is the equipment for the Living Stone, Nexus and Ndurance. Draftec has provided cable laying equipment, for example cable engines, winches, handling frames, roller tracks, steelwork and other special tools. With our offshore wind design and engineering capacity you are able to complete turnkey projects with the highest reliability and more efficiently.

Marine and dredging industry

Draftec regularly carries out marine engineering on vessels, barges, and platforms. This includes new installations, maintenance, repairs, and overhauls. We also supply all types of equipment for the dredging industry, like valve actuators, hydraulic winches and jetting systems. These high-quality components together with our specialized engineering for subsea companies, maximize system safety and reliability, and minimize down time.

Heavy lifting

Draftec designs, builds and installs heavy lifting systems. For this market, Draftec often works closely together with partner SCALDON. They are specialized in manufacturing and servicing of lifting equipment.

Industrial machines

Draftec designs and manufactures a variety of industrial mechatronic machines. From machines with modest dimensions to heavy machinery with varying degrees of precision.

Civil structures

We design, build and install the drives for moving parts of bridges and other civil structures.

Marine engineering and equipment for offshore companies

Would you like to know what we can do with our maritime or offshore wind engineering for companies? Then please contact our experts by calling +31(0)85 4018770 or sending an email to info@draftec.nl. We would love to help you with our maritime engineering of hydraulic, electrical and mechanical solutions. Companies can rely on our service engineers for advice on supply management and subsea engineering.