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Motion systems

No more impact

At Draftec we specialise in high-end hydraulic systems for use in various sectors. We develop and manufacture hydraulic and electrical driven active and passive heave systems and other motion compensation equipment. A team of in-house engineers develop high-end equipment with advanced controls for position, speed and velocity synchronisation, and with controls for constant tension and force, load sharing and motion and heave compensation. Based on our ecological mindset, all our control systems are designed to  optimise system efficiency.

This technology is used on winches, lifting appliance and other cable handling equipment to reduce the impact of waves on offshore activities. The control systems compensate for any movement and keep your load motionless. Use of our active or passive heave compensation systems makes it possible to perform operations offshore with a minimum of instability.

The advantages of active heave compensation

We offer both active and passive heave compensation solutions. A heave compensation system compensates for the vertical movement of the ship in relation to fixed objects. This makes it possible to work longer at sea, even with higher waves. We equip offshore cranes with  both passive and active heave compensation systems. These solutions are also used in our offshore cable laying systems.

Maximize your workability

With a high-quality active heave compensation from Draftec, you compensate wave movement and keep your load steady during offshore operations. We supply complete systems – from the design right through to the end product. Besides that, we strive for fast delivery and fully satisfied customers. If you would like more information about the active heave compensation or other industrial equipment  please feel free to contact us about the possibilities. Call our specialists on +31(0)85 4018770 or send an email to

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