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In close cooperation with our joint partner SCALDON we manufacture complete and custom-built offshore cranes and heavy lifting equipment. With rules and regulations becoming stricter and safety being a priority, the specifications for cranes used in the offshore market are becoming more demanding. Nevertheless, Draftec is still able to meet our customers’ needs. We can provide integration of our cranes into larger scope projects, that also includes custom made foundations and modifications of existing structures.

The crane operation can be designed according to the customers specifications, including full integration of onboard safety and alarm systems. Fully customized operation of our equipment is also in our scope for example a customized cabin or radio remote controls. Over time, we have delivered multiple high-end cranes for a wide range of applications according to Class (e.g. BV, DNV, GL and LR), and with safety features for overload protection like AOPS or MOPS. This is combined with passive or active heave compensation (AHC), constant tension (CT) and man-riding functionality.

Offshore crane and heavy lifting equipment

In certain projects, our winches were part of a larger scope of work that also comprised ergonomic control desks, dynamic load-control systems for all crane functions (e.g. luffing, slewing, telescope extension etc.), and fully integrated safety systems in combination with the vessel. In cooperation with our partner SCALDON we have produced different offshore cranes and heavy lifting equipment, such as:

  • Fixed boom cranes that are typically used as an offshore platform, hose handling and store cranes, and provide a low-maintenance solution if deck space is available.
  • Knuckle beam cranes that keep the distance between boom tip and load as short as possible.
  • Telescopic beam cranes that provide the perfect solution for smaller vessels when deck space is limited.

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Do you want more information about our offshore cranes and heavy lifting equipment? Do you have a technical challenge? We are able to deliver a turnkey solution to your specific problem. Our professional and dynamic team will give you engineering and logistics support. Give us a call via +31(0)85 4018770 or send an email to info@draftec.nl with your questions about our offshore heavy lifting equipment.