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Heavy lifting

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In close coöperation with our joint partner SCALDON we manufacture custom build offshore crane and lifting equipment.

With rules and regulations becoming stricter and safety being a priority, the specifications for winches used in the offshore market are becoming more demanding. Draftec is still able to meet our customers’ needs.

We deliver multiple high-end winches for a wide range of applications according to Class (e.g. BV, DNV, GL and LR), with safety features for overload protection like AOPS or MOPS combined with passive or active heave compensation (AHC), constant tension (CT) and man-riding functionality. 

In certain projects, these winches were part of a larger scope of work that also comprised ergonomic control desks, dynamic load-control systems for all crane functions (e.g. luffing, slewing, telescope extension etc.) and fully integrated safety systems in combination with the vessel.