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Offshore Cable Laying Equipment

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In close cooperation with our customers, we have designed, manufactured and commissioned fully integrated offshore cable laying equipment and spreads.

Vessels as:

  • Deme Offshore Livingstone
  • Van Oord Nexus
  • Boskalis Endurance
  • Van Oord Ham 602

and other temporary or mission equipped barges and vessels, are featured with state off the art Draftec cabling laying tools:

  • Constant tension winches (pull force 20 tons) with active heave compensation
  • Constant tension auxiliary tugger winches with a pull force 5 tons
  • Cable tensioners with 1 to 25 tons line tension
  • Cable reel drive systems for storage
  • CPS handling and storages units,
  • Dedicated and intelligent hydraulic power units in a range of 3kW to over 300kW installed electrical power. Varying in size from a protective box-frame till a 20ft containerized hydraulic power
  • Active and Passive Roller boxes,
  • Quadrant handling spreads
  • Quandrant launchers,
  • A-frames
  • And other cable handling and measurement tools.

Above mentioned hardware should be operated and managed from control units, as:

  • Operator desks,
  • PLC controlled operating systems,
  • data logging functionality
  • implementation within several vessel control systems.
  • Deck controls,
  • Cabled and Radio Remote Belly boxes.

Due to the high level of integration between hydraulics, electrical drives and system automation by our engineers we were able to deliver to the full satisfaction of our customers.