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Survey Handling equipment

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Draftec has developed several moonpool systems and custom build survey handling equipment.

This equipment is designed for easy vessel integration.

The system is designed and built according to Class regulations, including the emergency hoist functionality.
Since the systems is PLC-controlled, it can easily be connected to the control system of the vessel for operation, status indication and alarm functionality. Together, all the above made this moonpool system a user-friendly and versatile tool, to the great satisfaction of our customers.

The features and benefits:

  • Easy deployment of equipment
  • Compact and modular design
  • Standardized and exchangeable components
  • Optimized power requirements
  • Limited deck space required
  • Electric or hydraulic driven
  • Integrated control system

The equipment used for offshore surveys is often valuable and delicate. Therefore, secure storage and easy access to the equipment for service purposes is more than welcome.