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​Draftec has a team of in-house engineers that design and engineer multi-disciplinary mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and automated systems and equipment. This unique package is what gives us our distinctive position in the market when it comes to solutions for special heavy machinery. Our engineering services embrace all phases of your project. Our field of expertise covers not only the concepts and feasibility study, but even the detailed designs and workshop drawings. Primary and secondary steels can be adapted perfectly thanks to our decades-long, multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience.

Our engineering department has the following high-end specialisations:

  • Hydraulic drives and systems;
  • Electrical drives and systems;
  • Control software and automation;
  • Primary and secondary steel structures;
  • Mechanisms.

You can even rely on our service engineers for advice on the supply management of your products.

Engineering Draftec



Our specific know-how and our extensive network of reliable subcontractors and suppliers enable us to realise any high-end designs. We strive for the highest quality within your technical requirements, to be installed in the most cost-efficient way.

Draftec delivers and assembles high quality parts and components for all heavy equipment.

We manufacture hydraulic systems and produce and install hydraulic piping; we build electrical installations, panels, cabinets, junction boxes and cabling.

With our well-equipped workshop, we serve our clients within this multi-disciplinary philosophy.

Our team of in-house production engineers manufactures and calibrates high-end pieces of equipment with advanced controls for the synchronisation of speeds, constant tension, load sharing and motion and heave compensation.



Draftec services include the determination of acceptance protocols (in close cooperation with our clients), preparations for final acceptance tests (from the flushing of hydraulic piping and cold wire tests to software simulations) and execution of the actual tests.

The engineers at Draftec are qualified and experienced in starting-up newbuild and refurbished or existing systems. Due to our multi-disciplinary approach, Draftec’s commissioning engineers have full control during factory and acceptance tests.

In relation to the document registers for the project, we draw up Commissioning, FAT, SAT, HAT and real-time Trail protocols to ensure a watertight result for your project.

Project management


High-end technical solutions call for specialised and experienced project managers.

Draftec has a hands-on approach for managing technical projects with fast turn-arounds. We will manage the entire workflow, either in its entirety or within our fields of specialisation throughout your whole project.  We set up and maintain the planning, budget and deadlines, and act as mediator between our client, the various departments and contractors.

We take care of the whole procedure, from feasibility studies to detailed designs and from construction plans to client acceptance protocols.

As representatives of our clients, we respect their goals and requirements and ensure the successful completion of challenging projects. The full satisfaction of the client is our highest priority

The final delivery is fully supervised by Draftec’s engineers and managers in close cooperation with the client.



Draftec provides maintenance, repair, overhaul and refurbishment of various forms of capital expenditure (CAPEX). These may be existing installations on ships that need to be re-updated, cranes that need to be adapted to changing conditions or HPUs that need a refresh. Anything we can design and build we can maintain, repair and overhaul.

Draftec develops maintenance programmes for the operating expenditure (Opex) of your existing installations. As equipment manufacturers, we know what is required to ensure the reliability and maintenance of hydraulic and electrical drives and systems.

From setting up hose registers, to performance level and lifetime calculations for periodic maintenance; from a list of spare parts to timetables, test protocols and recommendations for greases and oils, the first goal is to build a trusted relationship with our client and assist them in making the best decisions for their equipment and installations.

A team of in-house field and service engineers are at your service.