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The right winch for every offshore application

If you need a new winch for your offshore project, Draftec can provide you with the one that fulfils your requirements perfectly. We have a very wide range of products, so you are sure to find precisely what you need. When you buy from us, you are assured of high-quality equipment that has been specifically designed for your project, within, for example, the offshore and maritime industry.

Draftec specialises in the design and construction of customised hydraulic or electric winches for industrial, maritime and offshore purposes – vessel integration, for example. You may need a specific type of winch for your offshore project; whatever kind it is, we can supply you with the right equipment. The high-end winches we supply always conform to strict safety regulations. Furthermore, they have a compact and modular design. Our winches range from standard to complex subsea or umbilical winches, with components that are standardised and interchangeable.

vacature hydraulisch engineer

Offshore cable laying and hose handeling equipment

The winch drum is also specifically manufactured for the required application. Our winches provide safe working load of 1 to 100 mT, a holding force of up to 200 mT, and a rated speed of up to 100 m/min. The control functions of this equipment vary according to:

  • Class, such as DNV and BV;
  • Safety devices for overload protection systems, such as AOPS or MOPS;
  • Load limiting (rendering);
  • Passive or active heave compensation (AHC);
  • Constant voltage (CT);
  • Man-riding functionality.

Always the right solution

If your offshore project is very specific, you can always ask us for a customised winch. We will design a tool specifically for you, one that will ensure efficient headway and which perfectly meets your requirements. With our multidisciplinary approach, we always have the right solution at hand.

If you are interested in our equipment or want to know more about our winches for the offshore industry, please call us on +31(0)85 4018770 or send an e-mail to

High presison

High quality

In house production

Full support

Draftec specialises in the design and construction of customer-specific, high-end winches, intended for easy integration into equipment, cranes or ships. These winches range from standard to complex subsea or umbilical winches.

With rules and regulations becoming increasingly stringent and safety being a priority, the stipulations for winches used in the offshore market are becoming more demanding. However, even in these increasingly demanding times, Draftec is still able to fulfil all our customers’ needs.

Draftec supplies winches for a wide range of applications with safety features for overload protection such as AOPS or MOPs in combination with passive heave compensation or active heave compensation (AHC), constant tension (CT) and man-riding functionality.

The winch drum is also a custom-made component for the required application. Smooth, with normal or Lebus groove, suitable for steel or even Dyneema steel cable.

Our offshore winch specifications are as follows:

  • Safe working load 1 to 100 mT;
  • Holding force up to 200 mT;
  • Nominal speed up to 100 m/min;
  • Control functions:
    • Active heave control;
    • Constant tension;
    • Load limiting (rendering);
    • Overload protection systems (MOPS & AOPS);
    • Manriding;
    • According to class (e.g. DNV, BV).

Draftec’s high-end winches are compact and modular. The components are standardised and interchangeable. The power requirements are optimised and only a limited section of deck space is necessary. Moreover, the offshore winch is electrically or hydraulically driven and can be controlled with an integrated control system.

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