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The passive heave compensation, manufactured by Draftec, helps you reducing the impact of waves on hoisting and drilling operations. Is the load positioned on the seabed? Is movement compensation required? Then the environment is asking for a compensation. We provide both passive and active heave compensations to control the position of a load.

Draftec industrial equipment
Draftec industrial equipment

Install a passive heave compensation to control motion

Both the active heave compensation and the passive heave compensation are applied in offshore cranes and can also be used in the cable laying systems we provide. We recommend the passive heave compensation when the load is attached to the seabed for a longer period. When the waves are getting higher, the load will still remain in its place. Due to the low power demand, the passive heave compensation does not require power supply for their operation. This makes it possible to work longer at sea with a system that enables safe and reliable offshore lifting operations.

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A passive heave compensation is the perfect solution ​for offshore equipment that is positioned on or linked to the seabed. We also provide other motion compensated rotary and translated equipment, With or without servo-electric and hydraulic systems and accumulated or stored energy in a separate medium. Do you want more information from our specialists? Or would you like to know more about our other systems, such as our hydraulic survey handling equipment? Give us a call via +31(0)85 4018770 and we talk you through it, or send an email to info@draftec.nl and we get back to you as soon as possible.

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