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Cable Tensioners

Handle with Care

A wind farm must first and foremost generate electricity in the most efficient way possible. This renewable energy must be transported by means of ultra-modern and efficient high-voltage cable solutions. These cables must be installed with the highest control and reliability by powerful and precise equipment on- and offshore, on board vessels, ships, and mobile and submarine machines.

Heavy-duty industrial cable tensioners at work
Heavy-duty industrial cable tensioners
Installation of tire tensioner

Understanding, cooperative & thinking along

If your organisation specialises in the construction of offshore wind parks, heavy-duty industrial cable tensioners with tracks or wheels are indispensable, because the equipment you use can make or break your assignment. So it is very important to choose the right heavy-duty tensioner for your project.

Draftec manufactures two types of cable tensioners with a wide range of applications in the marine and offshore industries.

Draftec cable tensioners or cable engines are perfectly engineered and balanced according to the company’s high-end multidisciplinary mindset.

This makes Draftec cable laying equipment the best solution for handling and routing high voltage cables from a wind farm to the world at large with the highest accuracy and sensitivity.

Draftec Cable Engines can be used as standalone units or can be fully integrated into a top level interface and control system to create a one-man, multi-functional cable laying process.

As a result of a perfect balance of mechanical structures, hydraulic or electric drives and system integration, Draftec cable engines or track tensioners excel when it comes to careful handling of high-quality product cables. They work to prevent power cable distortion or breakage, or any reduction in quality and performance.

The advantage of multi-disciplinary system integration is that every contact force, line pressure and speed with the cable or handling is recorded, monitored, logged and even analysed.

Draftec manufactures two types of cable tensioners; wheeled and tracked. Both types have their own applications. Whichever you decide to order from us, you are assured of high-tech equipment of the very best quality.

We are also at your service when your offshore project – a maritime engineering project for instance – is so specific that you need a customised solution. Our experience is multidisciplinary and we can offer a wide variety of equipment, so we can always come up with an industrial or offshore heavy-duty tensioner with chains or wheels that perfectly suits your needs.

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